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Testimonials for Marta

Marta Marsili
Reviewed April 17, 2012
We had such a great experience with Marta Marsili as our tour guide in Rome. We toured the Vatican, the Colosieum, the Forum and St Giovanni Laterno with her over the course of three days. She is so knowledgeable and was really informed on everything about Rome. She has a great personality and was a lot of fun to tour with. I feel like she made our entire visit to Rome so enjoyable. We found her since she was recommended in the Rick Steves book and we were so lucky. If you are planning on visiting Rome, you really need a tour guide. We did not wait in any lines for anything with her and we learned so much! We also had gelatto and cappaccino at some great places with her.
Visited March 2012

Private tour with Marta Marsili
Reviewed July 11, 2011
I took my teenagers and my parents to Rome for three days of site seeing before boarding a cruise ship in Civitavecchia. I hired Marta Marsili to show us the highlights of the city. Marta was wonderful, exactly what I had hoped for. She worked with me via email prior to our arrival to determine what we would be interested in seeing over the three days. She was convenient and flexible, coming to the apartment we were staying in to meet us and then adapting to changes in our schedule. She is friendly and approachable. She related well to both my teenagers and my parents. She is very knowledgeable in art history, architecture, religious history, Papal and Roman history. We really felt that we had an in depth overview of Rome and many of its major sites. She even helped by calling the baggage counter at the airport to arrange for the delivery of our delayed luggage. Her fees were very competitive and the experience well worth the expense. I highly recommend her.
Visited June 2011

Wonderful tour with Marta Marsili
Reviewed August 20, 2011
My brother and dad had recently been to Rome and had a private tour with Marta. They raved about how wonderful she was. So, when I went to Rome, I also hired her to take me and my husband on a private tour of St. Peter's and the Vatican Museums. She was wonderful. She has a very thorough knowledge of the art, history and architecture. She is very passionate about her work which makes a tour much more enjoyable. We went on a 4 hour tour and the time flew by. She told us interesting and funny stories that made the art come alive and was so much more interesting. She is a gem.
Visited July 2011

Vatican made special by Marta Marsili
Reviewed June 1, 2011
My husband and I just got back from a 12-day trip to Italy. As you can imagine one of the most incredible things we did was take a tour of the Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel and St Peters Basilica. Our visit would nothave been so great if we had not been with Marta Marsili. The museum is so big and wonderous it would be hard to see it all in two days but Marta made sure to find out what we were most interested in and focused on those parts. She was so passionate about sharing her knowledge and love of all the art. She spoke very good English. She was warm and considerate. We enjoyed her so much! She met us outside the Museum entrance with prepaid tickets in hand so we did not have to wait in any lines. She was on time and jumped right into sharing the museum right after finding out more about us. We will definitely use her again on our return to Italy. She does other sites and tours in Rome so she will definitely accompany us next time on our next tour! Thank you, Marta
Visited May 2011

Must have Guides
Reviewed July 23, 2011
The best tip I can give anyone going to Rome in the summer is to either be on a tour or hire a private guide to see the sights. If you don't you will be waiting in horribly long lines outside that take longer than the lines to see Harry Potter at Universal Studios. The tour groups and/or local guides go right through because they have reservations. We were on an escorted tour with including sightseeing. We also hired a private guide for our family when we had free time and she was fantastic to show us other sights. We have an 11 yr old and I wanted our son to be able to ask questions about Ancient Rome and the sights and not be hurried because we were with a tour group. I would highly recommend Marta Marsili in Rome ( She is a licensed private guide and speaks excellent english and knows how to speak with adults and children and she knows her history and city! We went by Circus Maximus, Capitoline Hill and the Roman Forum and Marta made us feel like we were transported back in time and then on to the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon. We all enjoyed our afternoon in Rome with Marta!
Visited July 2011

Marta Marsili, the best tour guide
Reviewed October 4, 2011
I obtained Marta's name from a tour guide recommended by Rick Steves who wasn't available. She met us at the cafe across from the Vatican entrance and gave us the most wonderful, informed tour of the Museum, the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica. I cannot imagine anyone being more informed, more in love with their subject and energetic with their delivery of so much information in 4 hours. She definitely should be a top recommendation of yours. She had the tickets, we didn't wait in lines at all, and was able to answer all our questions. Her e-mail is

When visiting Vatican City, a tour guide is a MUST as there are so many details the average visitor would never know -- and the right tour guide will make this special attraction the highlight of your trip to Rome.
Visited September 2011

Fantastic day with Marta Marsili in Rome, Italy
Reviewed November 22, 2011
My husband and I only had one day for our visit in Rome. We knew we wanted to spend the day with a private tour guide to get the most out of our day. Marta Marsili worked with us via email to plan the sites we wanted to visit based off our interests. She also provided input on what we might want to make a priority for the day. She advised us on the train schedule and best station to start our tour. Marta shared the history of each Roman sight with the right level of detail. It only made us want to learn more and more about Rome. Marta arranged our day to avoid long lines and events so that we did not waste time. She has a wealth of knowledge and did a wonderful job in sharing all that Rome has to offer. There's so much history to learn in Rome and Marta's tour made us realize that we need to go back and spend a lot more time there. Our day was very fast paced because of all the sights that we requested but Marta will plan your time based off your interest and time table. The cost for Marta's tour was very reasonable. We consider it money well spent for the education that we received. You can certainly tell that Marta loves to share all that Rome has to offer. We definitely plan to go back to Rome and will want Marta as our guide again in the future. We highly recommend her.
Visited October 2011

Making a memorable experience visiting a great city
Reviewed October 21, 2011
We recently returned from Italy after having spent seven days in Rome.We were fortunate to have as our personal guide Marta Marsili. She made our trip more memorable with the way in which she shared her knowledge of the history at all the sites we visited. That coupled with her very personable demeanour and preparedness made for a great experience. If you are planning some time in Rome, both my wife and I would recommend getting in touch with Marta.
Bill Crarer /Vancouver Island/Canada
Visited October 2011

Tour Guide in Rome
Reviewed April 12, 2012
I booked 2 days of tours with Marta Marsili for our stay during a family vacation in Rome. My two teenagers, my husband and I had a marvelous experience with Marta! She is extremely knowledgeable and personable. She is happy to custom tailor an itinerary and will help arrange reservations and admission/tickets to the crowded sights, before your arrival. Well worth it! On the first day, she was our personal guide at the Vatican and the second day we did a walking tour of the archeological sights with her. She is enthusiastic and knowledgeable, with an easy to understand, pleasant and warm style. If you want to really learn about ancient Rome and Art History, I recommend spending time with Marta to guide you. For me and my family, it was money well spent!!
Visited April 2012

Don't Go to the Vatican without her!
Reviewed December 21, 2011
We hired Marta Marsili for a 4-hour tour of the Vatican. I was given her name by a Rick Steves tour guide who was unavailable, and it couldn't have been better. She was professional, friendly, and communicative from the very beginning. Working with her via email, we set the price, time, and place. She made me feel very comfortable before we ever met.

And the day of was exceptional! She knows so much about the subject and was easy to understand. Everyone in our group - my mom, dad, husband, and I - thought this was the best part of our week in Italy. Marta is everything you want in a tour guide. We'd definitely contact her again when we return.
Visited November 2011

Best tour guide for ancient Rome!
Reviewed June 6, 2011
Fantastico! If you are looking for a great tour guide for ancient Rome - Marta Marsili is it! My husband and I took our 15 year old son to Rome in late March, and knew we would be overwhelmed on our own. Like so many others, we checked out Rick Steves' guide to Italy. We were disappointed when the first guide we contacted was unavailable, but asked for references and Marta's name was at the top of the list. In retrospect, we can't imagine anyone doing a better job than Marta. She not only knows about the history, architecture, culture and art of ancient Roman, but she knows how to convey the information in an interesting way. She also has a great sense of humor, which we all appreciated. Unlike so many others in her field, Marta takes the time to listen to what you have to say and doesn't waste your time. She points out the small things that you might otherwise overlook, but does it so seamlessly that you don’t even realize how much information you are taking in until you reflect on it later.

Marta met us at the subway entrance across from the Colosseum, and impressed us right away by her punctuality and pleasant manner. We all liked her right away. As we walked over to the Colosseum, she explained some of the history leading up to its construction and pointed out architectural details. We had Roma Passes and, since we were with a licensed guide, were able to skip the lines and walked directly into the Colosseum. During our tour, Marta impressed us with the breadth of her knowledge and her ability to help us visualize what life was like in ancient Rome. She was also flexible enough to shift gears when she learned that we had already visited the Pantheon and wanted to spend more time a Palatine Hills, the Forum, and Capitol Hill Square. She was truly amazing!

While a local guide costs a little bit more than a group tour, it is well worth it. We have been on group tours before and, even small groups of ten people, we found it that a lot of time was wasted keeping the group moving and pausing at sites that only one or two of the group was really interested in. We had difficulty hearing the guide and found some of the other group members liked to hear themselves talk. In the end, we felt that we missed out. Not so with Marta! While we covered a lot of territory in four hours, we never felt either rushed or bored. She is charming, articulate, and extremely entertained. Not only did we see and learn a lot, we even went away with some great ideas for places to go on our own.

Marta is friendly, knowledgeable and attentive to her clients. We would highly recommend her, if you are looking for a great guide in Rome.
Visited March 2011

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